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International and  in paticular Anglo-Saxon companies expanding their sales effort into the German speaking B2B market soon realize that things work a little bit different here.

This holds true for different stages of your sales cycle. Lead identifiation is sometimes more cumbersome than expected due to the lack of structured public information. Once a target company is identified there’s the obstacle of getting in touch with the relevant decision makers, gate-keepers are notorious for stubbornness. Without an exisiting network to rely on for a direct referral , your sales process might end before talking to any decision makers. CIFCO has established relationships to the management of more than ¾ of the leading e-commmerce players (brands, retailer, agencies) in the DACH region.

Nurturing is another distinct feature of the German speaking business environment. Subtlety  is the name of the game. While e-mail marketing works well in a lot of markets German customers value the personal effort a lot. The ordinary curtesey call won’t do though, be prepared to have a good reason for taking some of your future customer’s scarce time.

A first conversation rarely yields any exploitable insights if there is no established rapport to bank on. Even if there is a valid interest this often drags the salescycle unnecessarily. Working with CIFCO is not only a fast lane to the purchasing decision.  Our long term relationships ensure that we will be able to pass on the most critical information which are very hard to obain: Decision process, needs/pains, budget, timeline and priorization.

Our experience shows that a prospect you were referred to by a trusted connection is somewhere between 3 and 5 times more likely to close than prospects you’ve cold called upon.

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Business Development

Garbage in, garbage out.


Tired of working with marketing agencies that fill your sales funnel like landfills?“ Marko Markovic, CEO of CIFCO (www.cifco-sales.com)


The foundation for a successful sales force is an efficient Business Development team that generates consistent, high quality leads. Hiring, training and retaining a highly motivted Business Deveopment team takes a lot of time and money before the first lead flow in. Waiting for the first revenue out of a new Lead Development Team often takes months even when doing this in your home market.


You are great at what you do and your sales reps are great at showcasing the value of your solution. Seasoned sales reps are often the most valuable human capital companies posses, you don’t want them to waste their time on lead identification/development.


That’s where CIFCO comes in, your perfect partner for jump-start your DACH sales. Whether spear heading your DACH operations or supporting an existing sales force, CIFCO can prop up your sales pipeline within 30 days (depending on training necessary).


Win – Win – Win
Our commercial model is as simple as it ca get. We only get paid when our efforts are also paying dividends for you and your customers. You win the customer, the customer remedies a substantial pain. Only then will CIFCO benefit financially since we are sincere believers of reciprocity.
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